Description for your emphasis

I see myself working with teenagers through young adults in a church context in a pastoral role. I am passionate about disciple-making discipleship and training, so I see myself discipling others to study God’s Word; helping others recognize, understand, and utilize their gifting; and resourcing and encouraging others as they disciple others. I would love to meet with a few individuals weekly to teach them inductive Bible study and to disciple them one-on-one. I would love meeting with people to determine their spiritual gifts and help them find a ministry to utilize them in. I would love to meet with a small group of leaders to train them for specific ministries and to align ministries as a whole in the church. Finally, I would love to resource other disciplers with books and encourage them as they disciple and minister to others.

Overall Reflection Statement

For my competence in discipleship training, I am submitting additional artifacts that demonstrate I learned how to create a class to disciple newcomers to our church or potential new members of our church on what the essentials of our church are. I am also submitting an Inductive Bible Study booklet which I developed and led our youth leaders and then entire student ministries group through during a weekend retreat. My final artifact is a link to the spiritual gift test I have used with volunteers in multiple ministries of our church to help them begin to assess and identify what their spiritual gift may be. After they took the test, I would discuss the results with them and begin to lead them to specific ministry opportunities within our church in order for them to use their gifts and edify the body.

Ministry Distinctive Artifacts

Discovering Denbigh Membership Class Booklet

  • This booklet is the product of developing a new members’ class for our church. The booklet and class are for those interested in discovering more about or taking the step of covenant membership at our church. It guides the discussion and class time through six key sections. The first section is all about the Church Gospel where students are lead through a simple outline of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Secondly, the student is guided through the Church Doctrine so they are knowledgeable about what the church believes and teaches. The third section is about Church Practice. It reviews our church history, our denominational affiliations, as well as our church structure or government. Fourth, the Church Purpose will be explained to the student while also sharing our core values. The fifth section is about our Church Process and describes and shows visually our assimilation process. Finally, the sixth section reviews the Church Covenant explaining what is expected of members in our church and shows some practical applications of that covenant.

In the Word: Bible Study Booklet

  • I developed this booklet while planning a four-week youth group series on Inductive Bible Study skills. However, it quickly morphed into a great tool for retreats in teaching students Bible study skills over the course of a weekend. The booklet has a fill in the blank style format so students can take down notes during teaching sessions. The strength of the booklet is in the “Practice” pages which allows students to take the skills they are learning in teaching sessions and attempt to use them on their own. The final pages include a personal commitment and accountability plan designed by the students for the students to take the skills further than the retreat or teaching series. There is also a teachers’ guide booklet I developed to go along with this resource.

Spiritual Gifts Test

  • This link leads to an online spiritual gifts test that I have used multiple times. I utilize this test to aid disciples in discovering their potential gifts as well as introducing them to the wide array of gifts that make up the body of Christ. There is an adult and youth version of this test for each appropriate age range. While this test does not ensure one’s gifts, it aids church leadership in helping others find potentially fulfilling and edifying areas and ways to utilize the gifts God has given to them.

Learning Reflection

As I developed and demonstrated my ministry distinctive of discipleship training, I have learned discipleship cannot be short circuited, no matter how good the curriculum may be. Discipleship is all about relationship, therefore it is best accomplished alongside interpersonal interaction. Discipleship is not simply a conveying of ideas and content, but an exemplifying and encouraging of a life that is committed to and following Jesus. While I may learn something personally through a reading, interaction, or experience, none of that will sink down and change my being without interaction with the Lord and others about my learning. I believe this is exemplified best by Christ’s own modeling of discipleship. He ministered to crowds, but had his twelve close disciples, and even within that had his inner core of James, John, and Peter.[1] Paul also ministered to many, but intimately discipled, Timothy, Titus, and Silas.

Lifelong Development Statement

As a result of the experiences documented by these artifacts, I will continue to develop in my ministry distinctive by continuing to pursue personal relationships with young men to intentionally disciple them. These discipleship interactions will be grounded in relationship. I will seek to get to know them, love them, and lead them to a great love for the Lord and people. I will seek to improve in discipleship by prioritizing such relationships and opportunities in my day-to-day ministry. This may involve cutting back on “doing more ministry work” so that I can  spend more time with the few guys I am intentionally discipling. I must also invite these guys into doing ministry with me. My goal would be to spend some time getting to know them, letting them watch my life, engaging in ministry with them, and finally releasing them to continue the process with others themselves. This is truly what I believe the Christian life and work of ministry is all about and thus want to see it not only in my own life, but in the life of any church or ministry I am a part of in the future.