Equipping others in a God-given direction through Christlike character, leadership capability, and love.

Overall Reflection Statement

For my competence in servant leadership, I am submitting a Children’s Ministry Director Job Description, Expectations, and Responsibility sheet which demonstrates that I determined what our church needed in such a person and formulated that need into a job description. To write this job description I had to understand the current state of our children’s ministry by discussing it with our previous directors. I then had to envision what the ministry could become and determine what qualifications and responsibilities would be needed to accomplish that vision.

I am also submitting a video clip of our church service where I announced and welcomed the new Children’s Ministry Directors which demonstrates that I accomplished the goal of enlisting a couple from our church as our Children’s Ministry Directors. During this announcement, I first recognized and honored the previous two directors in front of the entire congregation. After this, I recognized and commissioned our new Children’s Ministry Directors before the church body.

Servant Leadership Artifacts

Children’s Ministry Director Job Description

  • This job description lists the job, supervisor, time to perform duties, and the purpose of the Children’s Ministry Director. It gives personal qualifications for the individual(s) as well as listing out their primary responsibilities.

Denbigh Baptist Church Children’s Ministry Directors Welcome 2016

  • The video link above captures the time in our morning church service when the previous Children’s Ministry Directors were honored and the new Children’s Ministry Directors were recognized and welcomed.

Learning Reflection

As I developed and demonstrated servant leadership, I have learned I was not well aware of the state of the ministry I was responsible to oversee. There were many more details and information to gather than I initially expected. The number of conversations I needed to have with the current ministry leaders, the potential ministry leaders, as well as church leadership was significantly more than I thought at first. I knew I would have to talk to all of these people and expected a number of things to come up, but the number of issues and details that I was unaware of was exponentially greater than I originally imagined.  The process of replacing our children’s ministry leaders taught me an important lesson in oversight. A key component in ministry oversight is regular, purposeful communication.

Lifelong Development Statement

As a result of the experiences documented by these artifacts, I will continue to develop in servant leadership by staying on top of the current state of the ministries I oversee. I will keep a record of how each ministry (nurseries, children’s ministry, student ministry, and young adult ministry) are doing. I will personally touch base with each ministry leader once a month. I will accomplish this through email, phone calls, and face -to-face interaction. The purpose of these conversations will be to evaluate, equip, and encourage each individual ministry leader in their leadership. Asking questions will be the primary way I will determine the state of the ministry as well as how I can best resource the ministry leader.