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Feature Friday (05/10/19)

Gas was all over the ground. I thought I had done everything right. The new fuel filter was right. The gas line from the tank had been clamped shut. And the old filter came out fine. But I had forgotten one vital piece to the equation. It’s ironic how missing just one step in a repair job can literally cause a major mess. But the same is true in discipleship as well.

Discipleship is a process. There are key components to becoming more like Jesus Christ. Engagement with the Bible is a given. Prayer is a must. Involvement in a local church is critical. But if we miss this vital aspect of discipleship there will be a mess to clean up. And unlike my lawn mower repair, the mess of someone’s life is very hard to remedy.

What is that vital element to discipleship? Jim Putnam names it and gives “4 Reasons ‘It’ is Vital to Discipleship“. Check it out, don’t make a mess (like I did by forgetting to clamp the gas line coming from the engine) and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

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Feature Friday (05/03/19)

“Buddy watch out for…” No sooner had the words come out of my mouth then did I immediately have to change the ending of the sentence from one warning to another. Word to the wise, when watching your children learn to do anything know there are dangers aloof at every turn.

The same is true for adults, especially those who call themselves followers of Jesus. Living the Christ-like life is full of dangers. I referenced an article last month about some of those dangers. But today I want to link to another form of dangers. Here are “8 Dangers in NOT Studying Theology” by Chuck Lawless.

He has great insight and balances his earlier article well. Know that we live in a dangerous world and being a follower of Jesus is no simple task. However, it is so worth it, but we can’t do it alone, so be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day! Enjoy the read.

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Feature Friday (04/26/19)

I did not know how to repair a screen door to ensure it slide more smoothly. So what did I do? My screen door repair lesson began that day in the form of a YouTube video tutorial. Like so many others when I am unequipped to do a task, I turn to the old trusty teacher…YouTube! All I ever wanted to know (and not know) about how to fix my problem was addressed. It was easy, quick, and informational. The reality is I am not the only one who turns to YouTube on a whim. Teenagers are turning to YouTube not just for simple tasks, but classwork help, relational advice, and much more!

Gone are the days when teenagers asked their parents, peers, or other people for help. On average, teens spend more time watching YouTube than any other video platform — including TV, Netflix, and movies. So what can parents do to engage their students and discuss Youtube? That is where “The Ultimate Parent Guide to YouTube” by Bark can be useful.

If you have a college age, teenage, or any aged student in your home, classroom, or church and you care about them this is a must read with many helpful hints (like setting up restricted access). I hope you enjoy the article, pass it along, and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

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Feature Friday (04/19/19)

It is the seemingly automatic response from so many I interact with these days. By simply asking the question, “how’s it going?”, the reply rarely varies. It comes from business executives, local law enforcement officers, traveling salesmen, stay at home moms, college students, and retirees. No matter what people do or where they do it, the feeling of each individual is the same…”BUSY”!

The ironic part is, for how irritated the response makes me, I find myself saying it all too often. Why is that? Why are we all feeling so busy, rushed, and overloaded? It seems I never have enough time to get done everything on my list, let alone have a desire to do. Yet I see other leaders getting done the important items every day.

While there are many reasons why we “cannot” get done certain things through the day, week or month there are at least “7 Things The Smartest Leaders Always Make Time For” that I am seeking to make time for each day as well. Carey Nieuwhof’s article is quite convicting, which is why I think he is on to something.

While we are all busy with many things this weekend. I pray and ask that you take time to pause, reflect, rejoice, and celebrate that there was someone who had infinitely more importance to His work, yet remained focused on His main task at hand almost 2,000 years ago. Jesus Christ had the entire world to sustain and uphold, yet He left His seat in heaven came to earth, lived the perfect life, was rejected, ridiculed, falsely accused, beaten, and crucified. He did all this so that we could know Him and spend eternity with Him rather than separated from Him by our sin.

Enjoy the article as always, but even more so this weekend, be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day to celebrate the greatest work God has ever done to set us free from our sin and give us hope of eternal life.

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Feature Friday (04/12/19)

It was a loud clank. I heard it, but after looking in the rearview mirror quickly dismissed it as unrelated to my car. Then I heard the distinct sound of metal dragging. It was then that I noticed sparks flying from behind my passenger rear tire. That was when I realized what had happened.

A rusted muffler bracket finally gave way, dropping the 8-foot exhaust pipe from under my car to drag on the ground as I drove my son to school. I did not expect to be on my back under my car at 7:45am that morning, trying to MacGyver my muffler back into place until I could get it to my mechanic. The reality was not one I wanted, but it should have been one I saw coming. The warning signs were visible for the past few weeks. I just chose to ignore them.

The same experience can be had in regards to many areas of life. An event happens we “didn’t see coming”, but it is because we ignored or missed all the warning signs. Leadership of any kind is no different, especially in the church. If the mission of the church is to make disciples (and it is – Matthew 28:19-20) and we don’t see that happening, maybe it is because we have missed “The Signs You May Have a Bad Disciple-Making Strategy.”

Warning signs are meant to indicate a problem to us. Just like the rusted clank, sparks, and sounds of my early morning drive. Yet too often we ignore those indicators because it is just easier to do so. But the realization soon hits, that we should have paid attention and addressed those warning signs, not ignored them. And when what is at stake is the mission of the church – we need to take note and do so early and often.

That is why I love Mark Howell’s “5 Signs” in helping us recognize a bad culture within a church. Check it out and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

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Feature Friday (04/05/19)

Having just portaged our canoes, packs, and gear across the dry ground for the last mile, the lunch break we had was perfectly timed. We only had one more large lake to cross until we were at our campsite for the night. All had gone well and we pushed out into the lake for a couple more hours row. We were experienced, confident, and sure of our path. But that is when it all changed.

A storm blew in quickly. Rain began to fall heavily. The wind picked up violently. Danger was in store. And danger is what we got. Rowing into the wind, over a half mile from the nearest shore, and with our buddy canoe out of earshot, danger hit! Capsized in 42F water was a life-threatening, dangerous situation. But what made it worse was we were not expecting it. We had not seen the danger. That was the problem.

The same is often true in life. We gain some experience, become confident in our ability, and are certain of our path. Then danger strikes. It is true in driving, parenting, leading, marriage, and it can even be true in studying theology. Which is why Chuck Lawless’ article, “7 Dangers to Studying Theology” is a must-read.

If you are a follower of Jesus, especially a pastor, ministry leader, or someone who takes great measures to understand your faith, please take the time to read the quick 7 points Chuck makes here.

As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

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