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An Easter Week Devotional (03/31/23)

The entry of one lone man seemed to have been a spectacle. Crowds had formed. Praises were exclaimed. Homes were emptied. Palm branches and robes were laid out.

Raising Emotional Healthy Kids (03/24/23)

The list contained everything we believed or hoped our children would know, be, or have the confidence to do by the time they graduated from high school. As a parent, it is overwhelming,

Just Because I’m Religious, Doesn’t Mean I’m Superstitious (03/17/23)

Having played college baseball, I've witnessed a few ridiculous superstitions. It's funny how guys could wear the same socks without washing them for weeks on end believing that was what ensured their hitting streak would continue. I don't know if it worked or not, but I know how it smelled!

The Numbers Behind Community (03/12/23)

People walk in and out of their workplaces every day unknown on a personal level. Others visit the same stores and restaurants weekly, seeing the same workers and neighbors yet remaining relatively anonymous.

The Lesser Known Joesph (03/03/23)

Why? That was the only question on my mind. I cried with my friend. Grasped for any solace I might offer, but in those moments words seem inadequate.

Family Devotions: Help! What do I do? (02/24/23)

Cleaning up from dinner, getting clothes out for the next day, and bathing each child is a whirlwind of exercise. (And that last one is about as easy as trying to wrangle a 30 pounds pig slathered in baby oil). Needless to say, by the time we get all the kids into a bedroom to wrap up the day...

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