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Feature Friday (5/30/14)

prayerWell I am a single parent this weekend. And when Mom is away the boys will play. However, while more play time with my little man is great, there is something I have come to enjoy much more…more pray time! And I am quickly learning that it’s not so much about what I pray with my child, but just the act and example of doing it that is important. Enjoy this article about praying with your children.

As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

Rediscovering Christmas: Part 3

christmas_wallpaper_prettyblueMerry Christmas! Well, Merry Christmas Eve to all. From where I sit it is going to be a white Christmas for sure. Even more important, it is going to be a Christmas spent with family. I hope the same is true for you. But most importantly I hope and pray that your Christmas will be full of hope, joy, and worship. In order to aid in that, I have been posting a series called Rediscovering Christmas. If you missed part 1: Lay Hold of Hope or part 2: Awestruck with Glory, you can click here. But today, I want to finish up by calling us all to Join in the Worship.

Join in the Worship – The Story of the Wise Men and King Herod – Matthew 2:1-12

Who Were the Wise Men? – vs. 1

  1. They were magi – a class of priests from the Medo-Persian Empire.
  2. Both Daniel and the Greek historian Herodotus give us insight into the significance of these men.
  3. Knowing their belief in mystical powers, they were more astrologers, than astronomers.
  4. They learned about Jehovah and the coming Messiah from Daniel. – Daniel
  5. Throughout the east, the magi were known as the religious leaders, but in the west they were the king-makers.

One Paranoid King – vs. 2-8

  1. Herod was the governor of Judah, a puppet ruler of Rome, not the self-proclaimed king of Judah, or king of the Jews.
  2. The wise men would have caused great concern to both Herod and all Jerusalem.

The Irony of the Story – vs. 9-10

  1. Herod knew he had no authority to be called the King of the Jews.
  2. Herod knew that Jesus was the true King of the Jews.
  3. The priests and the scribes knew who Jesus was but they did not accept Him.
  4. Their Messiah was only five miles away.

The Gifts Teach us the Gospel – vs. 11-12

  1. Gold – Jesus is the King.
  2. Frankincense – Jesus is God.
  3. Myrrh – Jesus came to give His life for our sin.


  • Are you like Herod, the Scribes and Priests?
    • They knew the truth, were indifferent to the truth, rejected the truth when confronted by it, and sought to silence the truth.
  • Are you like the wise men?
    • They knew Scripture, acted in faith, and worshiped Jesus.

This concludes our Rediscovering Christmas series. I hope you have either discovered the true reason for Christmas or rediscovered the joy of Christmas. Enjoy your Christmas!

***Sermon preached by Pastor Rick Wilson at Denbigh Baptist Church December 22nd, 2013.***

Rediscovering Christmas: Part 2

christmas_wallpaper_prettyblueWith Christmas just over a week away, I want to continue the series on Rediscovering Christmas. If you missed part 1 you can read it here: Rediscovering Christmas: Lay Hold of Hope. So without further ado, here is part 2:

Be Awestruck with Glory – The Story of Angels & Shepherds – Luke 2:8-20

The Uncommon Announcement – The Angels – vs. 8-14 

  1. There was a Personal Proclamation by An Angel.
    • He terrified the shepherds by his appearance.
    • He comforted the shepherds by his words.
    • He informed the shepherds of the good news. – Luke 2:32 
    • He directed the shepherds to the Messiah.
  2. There was Passionate Praise by the Angels
    • They proclaimed God’s glory. – Hebrews 1
    • They announced the possibility of peace.
    • They declared God’s grace.

The Unlikely Witnesses – The Shepherds – vs. 15-20 

  1. Who were the shepherds?
    • They were the outcasts of society.
    • They were ceremonially unclean.
    • They were receptive to the message.
  2. Why did God choose the shepherds?
    • God calls the poor and lowly. – Luke 1:51-53; 1 Corinthians 1:26-29; James 2:5
  3. What can we learn from the shepherds?
    • They responded to the message.
    • They came and saw.
    • They went and told.
    • They returned and lived their faith. 


  • When awestruck with glory, do you allow the message of Christmas to bring about true life change seen in eagerness to worship and witness? – Acts 4:19-20

Rediscovering Christmas series will conclude next week. In case you missed Part 1: Lay Hold of Hope, catch it here. 

Until then…

***Sermon preached by Pastor Rick Wilson at Denbigh Baptist Church December 8th, 2013.***

50 Reasons for Giving Thanks (part 2)

Thanksgiving2With Thanksgiving only 2 days away it is time to finish up the 50 Reasons for Giving Thanks. Last time I gave 25 reasons that I am thankful for this year. Today, one day late from my normal Monday post (due to no internet connection where we were staying yesterday), I will round out the top 50 reasons I have to be thankful by giving you #25-1

I am thankful:

25) For safety in traveling this Thanksgiving season.

24) That God protected us from an accident while traveling.

23) For friends nationwide who allow us to visit and stay with them.

22) For parents who love to have us visit (even if I eat alot of their food while visiting).

21) For the grandparents God has blessed my son with.

20) To have vacation time from work.

19) For a church family (Denbigh Baptist) who graciously allows me time away to be with family during the holidays.

18) For snow!!!

17) To live in a place where snow is something we talk about more than we experience.

16) To lasting relationships with people, even though we don’t see each other that often.

15) To have friends in ministry, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

14) For down times to catch up with friends and family.

13) For holidays to visit family during.

12) That God has blessed me with more than I could ever need.

11) To have in-laws who have made me feel accepted and like one of their own.

10) For the memories made with family throughout the years.

9) To have known and interacted with all of my grandparents in childhood.

8) For a grandmother who loves Pittsburgh Steelers football more than I do.

7) For a grandmother who was like a second mother to me.

6) For a grandfather who is 90 years old and still “kicking”.

5) For my mother who always took care of our home and loved us kids.

4) To have had a father who made a commitment to being at my events growing up.

3) For a healthy and growing son, that is a blessing to see and hold each and every day.

2) For a wife, that is godly, gracious, and faithful in loving God and me.


1) For Jesus Christ, who gave His life for me and took my sin upon His body, so that I may stand accepted, loved, and justified before God the Father.

All in all, as you can see I have multiple reasons to be thankful this season. However, I pray that these last two posts have gotten your gratitude juices stirred up as well. I am not sure where I heard it or read it, but I have found it to be true in my own life; “he who has a thankful heart, has a happy heart”. Give thanks this holiday season. Sit down with family or friends or both and verbalize a list of things of which you are thankful. Don’t stop at 10 or 25 or 50, see if you can go for 100 reasons to be thankful this year.

God bless and Happy Thanksgiving…gobble, gobble, gobble!

Feature Friday (11/8/13)

radio-630x597“If you’re listening to Christian radio in search of new congregational music, we think you should look elsewhere. Here are three reasons why:” Stop listening for new worship songs on the radio!

As always, be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

Feature Friday (11/1/13)

prayerWith the holiday season upon us, there is much that will be taking place in our lives: shopping, traveling, seeing family, eating (probably too much), and many others. But in all of these activities we much never lose sight of prayer. But ever wonder what are some good ways to pray for yourself. Here is a helpful blog that gives us Seven Ways to Pray for Yourself. Enjoy!

As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

Feature Friday (10/25/13)

imagesCertainly, faith is not exhaustive knowledge or complete understanding. Faith believes certain things that are unseen. But we do not believe the unseen things based on nothing. Faith is not a shot in the dark. Faith is not a good guess.” Great article on what faith is and why it is not irrational or insane. Enjoy, The Thumbtack of Faith!

As always, be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

Feature Friday (10/18/13)

Live-stream-slide-for-GTYThis week I have been trying to catch as much of a controversial yet instructional conference. It is the Strange Fire Conference being held at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. This is a local church known best for its leading pastor, John MacArthur. The conference has been addressing the charismatic movement and theology. Feel free to check it out yourself and as always I would love to interact with you about it. If you missed any or all of it you can catch up over at Grace to You!

Be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

Feature Friday (10/11/13)

one-red-paperclip-300x200Faith Like Paper Clips – “If God wants you to buy a house, you don’t need Him to increase your income. Even a paper clip, used rightly, can buy a house. And if God wants you to obey, you don’t need an increase in faith, if you are a believer you have enough faith. Just apply your faith and obey.”

As always, be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

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