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Helping Kids Build a Healthy Body Image (01/21/22)

This transition from activity to identity is so subtle and often subconscious. With kids, they often are unaware of the distinction between what I do and who I am.

New Year’s Resolutions (01/14/22)

A few years back I sought to rejuvenate my goal setting. I tried to just rehash my old goals, but that didn't work so I turned to some experts to find help.

Economics for Church Leaders (12/17/21)

Christmas is supposed to be about getting more than receiving. And anytime we discuss giving and getting we really are discussing economics. And an economic issue that has to deal with giving and receiving is

The “Rot” of Evangelicalism Doesn’t Need Deconstruction. It Needs Church History. (Feature Friday 12/10/21)

The danger with rot is that before you realize there is an issue, the damage is already done. These truths are what makes "rot" a perfect illustration of what is happening widespread in evangelicalism. But the question is how to address the rot...

Leaders Who Know How to Follow (11/19/21)

I got to know this leader in every one of his leadership roles and as I got to know him more deeply I found out his secret leadership sauce...

The Church as a Radical Welcoming Community (11/12/21)

If you follow the same habits in your relationship within the church as you do outside of the church, then it's likely the church you attend is very much like you. But that's not the way it should be.

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