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The Wisdom Pyramid (04/16/21)

When I eat too much from the top of the food pyramid, it's not healthy. When I starve my body of the foundational elements, it can be damaging. If this is true of our bodily diets, cannot we not apply the same framework to our intake of knowledge and information.

5 Things People Blame the Church For…But Shouldn’t

There are lots of things we can blame others for and some are legitimate. However, there are far more instances where we seek to blame others where they are not at fault.

Empty = Extraordinary

Empty can mean many things, but it is also something extraordinary.

How to Help Your Kids Establish Bible Reading Habits

Between my evening meetings, her nights out, and our sons school and other activities, these planning sessions are crucial. They were not just times for us to get on the same page with our plans, but also remind ourselves of and align with our priorities.

How to Read the Internet

Did you know the earth is hollow? Or at least some believe it to be so. What do you think? Is our planet's core hollow? Or maybe it's just that the earth is flat. Ok maybe those are far fetched,... Continue Reading →

What is Keeping You From Church?

The gathering of God's people to hear God's Word and celebrate God's goodness is not a nicety for our growth in Christ, it is essential.

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