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Say the Quiet Things, Out Loud (01/27/23)

To love our kids well, we must speak words. That means for me, I have to dial it back and ensure my words are fitly spoken. For my wife, that means she has to speak the words she thinks and writes.

Productivity without Burnout (01/20/23)

I was two years into my career and wanted to become more effective and use my time more wisely. So I picked up a book, read it, and began implementing some productivity practices in my life. But there is a danger in pursuing productivity.

Community: A Struggle to Fit In (01/13/23)

The desire to fit in is as common to humanity as goose poop on a sidewalk beside a pond. It's everywhere, homes, schools, workplaces, and yes even the church.

The Call for a Christian Mind (01/06/23)

Insurance is a weird thing. Insurance is like the safety net they put out at the circus for trapeze artists. Seemingly unnecessary until it's necessary. Insurance isn't the only thing that "no one notices until it's not there".

Six Questions You Should Ask at the Beginning of 2023 (12/30/22)

It always feels like a fresh start. The new year brings with it ample opportunity for restarting, renewing, and refocusing on what we would like to be focused on.

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas!

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