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Feature Friday

How to Raise Distraction Free Kids

I am not trying to say technology and diets play no part in the distracted reality of our current culture. What I am saying is: I think we need to question the root causes and needs of which distraction is a symptom.

The Curse of the Selfie Generation

It's a non-stop feed of photo's, ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Social media can be a great place to interact and stay in touch with people. It can also be a pit of wasted time, energy, and focus. Yet one thing I have noticed about most social media platforms...

8 Ways to Lead in the New Digital Church

2020 has been a decision fatigue inducer. Since March of this year, every decision I have made has immediately created more issues needing solutions...

Do You Need God to Be Good?

Good works. This was where the conversation turned half way through our lunch. The meat-lovers pizza was half eaten, water cups half full, and conversation fully engaging. This is when my friend and I began to dialogue about good works.... Continue Reading →

How to Dial Up a Child’s Wisdom

Trying to ask a 2 year old where he put something and expecting a sufficient answer, is like asking Alexa to play a song that happens to share a title with 40 other songs.

Leaders and 3 Types of Stress

I collapsed on the couch. My wife and I had just gotten our 5 young children to bed and I was exhausted. This is a routine that is not abnormal for my nights when I am at home. But this evening was different. It was a stress that I was unfamiliar with.

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