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Feature Friday

Raising Emotional Healthy Kids (03/24/23)

The list contained everything we believed or hoped our children would know, be, or have the confidence to do by the time they graduated from high school. As a parent, it is overwhelming,

Just Because I’m Religious, Doesn’t Mean I’m Superstitious (03/17/23)

Having played college baseball, I've witnessed a few ridiculous superstitions. It's funny how guys could wear the same socks without washing them for weeks on end believing that was what ensured their hitting streak would continue. I don't know if it worked or not, but I know how it smelled!

The Numbers Behind Community (03/12/23)

People walk in and out of their workplaces every day unknown on a personal level. Others visit the same stores and restaurants weekly, seeing the same workers and neighbors yet remaining relatively anonymous.

The Lesser Known Joesph (03/03/23)

Why? That was the only question on my mind. I cried with my friend. Grasped for any solace I might offer, but in those moments words seem inadequate.

Family Devotions: Help! What do I do? (02/24/23)

Cleaning up from dinner, getting clothes out for the next day, and bathing each child is a whirlwind of exercise. (And that last one is about as easy as trying to wrangle a 30 pounds pig slathered in baby oil). Needless to say, by the time we get all the kids into a bedroom to wrap up the day...

How Should We Disagree with Others? (02/17/23)

We've all been there before. Disagreement rears its' head and your emotional thermostat begins to rise. Your internal temperature begins to increase. It feels as if your face is getting more red by the minute and your heart is beating at an accelerated rate.

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