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Feature Friday

How Should a Christian View the Government? (12/02/22)

Some might say parenting. Others might say religion. However, there is one topic that almost everyone can agree on that seems to conjure up an argument and disgruntled discourse quicker than Usain Bolt can get down the track.

10 Sure Marks of Humility (11/18/22)

"Hey, do you want to know a secret?", he asked with a boyish grin on his face. My reply was one of intrigue. "Do you know the best way to eat the french fries here"? he continued...

Organizational Babies – A Modern-Day Parable for the Church (11/11/22)

Stories are fascinating. They draw us in. They enamor us. Stories compel us toward compassion and action. They often teach in a far more effective way than any didactic monologue ever could. The greatest teachers of history knew the power of story.

A Sin By Any Other Name (11/04/22)

Shortly into the meal, one of my teammates got up announced he was going to get some more soda, and asked if anyone else wanted anything. It struck me like a foreign language..."soda"? What is that? When my buddy returned I asked him what "soda" was. He (and most of the others at the table) stared at me like I was an idiot. That is when I realized, what most people call "soda" I refer to as "pop".

Friction: The Hidden Force Holding You Back (10/28/22)

It seemed odd to me because I like to be moving at the rate of traffic, but the engine seemed to be running harder than usual but going slower than it should. It was as if my car was having to run harder than others on the road to move at a slower speed.

Why They’re Not Coming Back (10/14/22)

Gasoline was my accelerant of choice that day. And it didn't take much. A small cup of gas, another match, and the same pile of wood, and the fire was blazing in just a few moments. That day I learned a valuable lesson, accelerants simply increase the speed in the direction in which something was already heading.

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