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Signs of Life (05/26/23)

While rest and peace are necessary and I may not do it well the reality is that even the endless enjoyment of rest and peace won't solve the issue, in fact, it may deepen the problem.

Parenting Priorities (04/28/23)

The older I get the more clear it becomes to me that life is about prioritizing the right thing. When I have my priorities right, the things that matter most get done.

Family Devotions: Help! What do I do? (02/24/23)

Cleaning up from dinner, getting clothes out for the next day, and bathing each child is a whirlwind of exercise. (And that last one is about as easy as trying to wrangle a 30 pounds pig slathered in baby oil). Needless to say, by the time we get all the kids into a bedroom to wrap up the day...

Keeping the Faith (08/26/22)

Success as a parent is elusive. It seems as if the target is always moving. At bare minimum, it's overwhelming to think about all the areas we hope to raise our children successfully.

When the Great Resignation Comes to Church (07/08/2022)

A place where you've experienced warm welcome, love, and encouragement is nothing to scoff at. A group of people who have lived life with, struggled, and even worked through difficult things is a blessing. When people decide to leave, it can feel personal.

Why You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It (04/08/22)

t was a hodgepodge of people. The oldest was 91 and the youngest had just hit her fourth month of life. Men and women, boys and girls, and no two looked alike.

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