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Feature Friday

5 Steps for Connecting (or Reconnecting) with a Church (09/09/22)

The internet and Youtube is a DIYer's best friend, especially when you don't know how. Just like remodeling a bathroom or baking cookies, sometimes the problem is not knowing what to do, but how to do it.

That’s Just Your Interpretation (09/02/2022)

Seeing differing perspectives is the point of optical illusions. There are a number of ways you can view the pictures. However, too many people tend to view all of life the way we view optical illusions. This is especially true when it comes to understanding the Bible.

Keeping the Faith (08/26/22)

Success as a parent is elusive. It seems as if the target is always moving. At bare minimum, it's overwhelming to think about all the areas we hope to raise our children successfully.

The Means of Grace (08/12/22)

The dry, arid space that was now his mouth, longed for a refreshing, life-giving, thirst-satisfying drink. What it really needed was water. What he really wanted was a juice box. This is where the problem resided.

Progressive Christians (08/05/22)

But whenever you or they bring up a certain topic, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Your palms begin to get sweaty and you feel your heart rate rise ever so slightly. This all strikes you as strange since you genuinely enjoy this person's company and truly love them. So why do these areas of conversation cause a physiological response?

How the Apostle Paul Won the Culture War (07/29/22)

The internet is a funny place. There are those who love it. There are those who hate it. But whichever you are, you must admit that it infiltrates every aspect of our lives.

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