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Purpose of Life

Feature Friday (8/30/13)

Here's Johnny! - Do we value the gifts or the Giver? Found a satirical webcomic blog this week and the author uses satire to make his point. More often than not, he is spot on! Enjoy! As always, be with... Continue Reading →

Family Values

Just last week I went to McDonald's for the first time in a long time. As I was looking the menu over I couldn't help but notice the title the marketing committee for McD's gave some of their food...Value Menu!... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (8/2/13)

"Just think of it! Your child could be used as a singular instrument to declare God’s glory in Christ and in the Church “throughout all generations” (Eph 3:21). What more could you possibly do than that?" This should be an... Continue Reading →

For this Purpose…

The other day I was installing the window A/C units for the rooms in our upstairs bedrooms. Living in Virginia, A/C becomes quite a nice luxury come middle of June, if not earlier. So I had placed one of the... Continue Reading →

What is It All About?

What is it? Why is it like that? What is it's purpose? Are these not the types of questions we would like the answers to most? When we talk about unresolved questions, purpose-oriented questions are at the top of the... Continue Reading →

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