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Shock News: Judas Walks Away From the Faith (06/17/22)

It seems like shock news fills up the front page, headline news, and social media feeds these days. The bigger the shock the more clicks, views, or reads that follow. There is no shortage of clickbait and hyperbolic headlines trying to grab our attention.

The “Rot” of Evangelicalism Doesn’t Need Deconstruction. It Needs Church History. (Feature Friday 12/10/21)

The danger with rot is that before you realize there is an issue, the damage is already done. These truths are what makes "rot" a perfect illustration of what is happening widespread in evangelicalism. But the question is how to address the rot...

Feature Friday (3/20/15)

We recently subscribed and began receiving the Sunday paper. The initial reason was so my wife could utilize the numerous coupons that come in the Sunday edition. However, there was a great side perk for me as well...the return of... Continue Reading →

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