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Feature Friday (10/13/17)

It was a statement that caught me off guard. I had heard others say it before. The argument has been made in numerous books, articles, and writings. I had even dwelt on the reality prior to reading it that day.... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (8/28/15)

Confession time, I struggle with busyness. I am told often that I am too busy. My wife tells me. My co-workers tell me. My family tells me. My own conscience tells me. While I know being busy is not equal... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (3/14/14)

As a follow up to the Monday post about busyness. Here is an article that gives us 4 ways to diffuse busyness. Enjoy your weekend and try to not have too busy of one. As always, be with the Lord's... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (9/27/13)

Busyness! - It seems like every conversation I have these days, busyness comes into the mix. "How are you doing today?" Oh, man I am busy! "How are things going with you?" I am busy! Why is it that busyness... Continue Reading →

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