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Changing Shifts (10/11/19)

He had the best news ever to share. The message he received was one that could change the lives of many. It would revolutionize the way people relate to each other, love one another and get things done. All he... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (02/01/19)

Obstacles. Things to overcome. Difficult subjects to deal with. Questions that seem to have no solution. All of these are realities of life. In school, there is always the bully or drama or unsolicited ridicule. In marriage, there is always... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (08/03/18)

Questions. They fill our conversations. They take up lots of space in books and articles and letters. And they make up so much of our education and learning. Without questions, a dialogue would quickly become a monologue. Without questions, an... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (07/06/18)

It's hard being different. This statement is true in more than one way. First off, in western culture today being different is the new normal. Everyone is to be unique. Be yourself. You do you. So if different is what... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (06/01/18)

It's a word I get tired of hearing. It's a word used all too often and at the same time, not enough. It can infuriate parents beyond belief. And yet the same word can enlighten a situation in such a... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (2/17/17)

I was exhausted. We had just been through a day long training and testing in order to be lifeguards at the pool for the summer. There were routine aspects of this training that did not seem challenging: CPR, mouth to... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (7/3/15)

#SCOTUS. I have seen this so many times in the past week. It has been all over the news, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and virtually every website you could stumble across. But the Supreme Court is not the issue, the legalization... Continue Reading →

LIFE on MISSION: Destination Florida

My apologies for not posting again yesterday, but there is a great reason. Our youth group is on a mission trip this week in Margate, Florida. We are ministering to the Haitian culture, spreading the gospel through sports evangelism. Enjoy... Continue Reading →

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