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You Can’t Do Everything (05/19/23)

One of the greatest dark sides of people pleasing is that I have a hard time saying "no". Just ask my wife (on second thought don't ask her she might not like me then).

Four Reasons to Be Early to the Sunday Gathering (04/14/23)

I like to be early. Ask my wife and she will tell you, in my head if we are not at least 5 minutes early, I feel like the world is coming to an end. I hate being late (and on time for that matter). To be early is to be on time. At least that's how I see it.

The Numbers Behind Community (03/12/23)

People walk in and out of their workplaces every day unknown on a personal level. Others visit the same stores and restaurants weekly, seeing the same workers and neighbors yet remaining relatively anonymous.

How to Disciple People Online (02/10/23)

We had this get-together planned for months. The meal plan was ready. Our schedules had finally aligned. This would be an evening where food was enjoyed, laughter was ample, and joy was the air we were breathing. Then it happened. One of our kids got sick...

Community: A Struggle to Fit In (01/13/23)

The desire to fit in is as common to humanity as goose poop on a sidewalk beside a pond. It's everywhere, homes, schools, workplaces, and yes even the church.

Suicide and the Church (12/09/22)

I love top-ten lists. My favorite part of watching the daily ESPN broadcast in high school was their Top 10 segment. It was always at the end of the broadcast which led me to believe I wasn't the only one who loved the Top 10. However, there are top 10 lists that are negative, such is the case when we consider...

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