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How do You Have Deep Conversations When Your Kids Interrupt You All the Time? (04/30/21)

We don't want the deeper interactions we have to be like a game of "whack-a-mole", every time a kid comes up, conversation stops, we "whack" the apparent need, and move on. This is no way to have good meaningful dialogue with those we care about and love.

4 Enlightening Questions (Feature Friday 06/12/20)

Truth be told, questions are devices that can be used as fuel or fertilizer. They can burn a conversation to the ground or cultivate it to bear fruit.

Racism, Injustice, & Jesus: An Imperfect Conversation (Feature Friday 06/05/20)

From main stream to social media, there are many voices vying for our attention. Honestly, I am not always sure who to believe, what to believe and when to just turn it all off. But one thing I know...

The Suicide Talk (Feature Friday 10/25/19)

About every other month it seems there is another high profile personality who just can't take life any longer and decides to end the battle raging within them by taking their own life. The reality is that almost everyone I... Continue Reading →

How to Keep a Discussion from Becoming a Debate (Feature Friday 10/18/19)

It is so routine we are subtly used to it. It surrounds us every day in every way. Turn on any news channel at any time and you are sure to find it. Even ESPN is filled with it these... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (6/2/17)

It was Thursday night. It had been a long week of work so far and I was exhausted. Coming home to dinner, while a wonderful feeling on the one hand, seemed likeĀ a daunting task mentally as I tried to engage... Continue Reading →

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