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5 Ways to Shape the Culture (Feature Friday 07/17/20)

Have you ever tried to nail jello to a wall? Probably not! You'd simply put a hole in your wall and have a pile of jello on the floor. But that is the funny thing about jello, even though you can't exactly "nail it down" it still has some unique properties in and of itself. Culture is like jello!

Feature Friday (03/15/19)

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." Peter Drucker is quoted on this statement often. Honestly, I love and hate the quote. Not necessarily because of the quote itself, but because of how frequently it is used, yet infrequently it is lived... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (07/13/18)

It was a convicting moment. Reading good books can do that to you. You're reading another story, captured by the characters and situations when all of a sudden the author turns the corner and reveals his principle and it hits... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (7/1/16)

Grandparents. This is a recent and dear issue to my heart. I wish I could say I still had all of mine living, but the Lord has seen fit to take two of them from this earth. While I rejoice... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (9/18/15)

Most of my recent Feature Friday post have been related to the topic of family. While this is all well and good, the reality is not everyone has family in the forefront of their minds. For many individuals, including the... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (6/13/14)

Yesterday started a new short term adventure for myself, my wife, and six students from our church student ministry. As with most student ministries, missions trips are an integral part to exposing American students to other lifestyles and culture. These... Continue Reading →

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