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Feature Friday (09/22/17)

"They may take our lives but they'll never take our freedom!" A infamous quote from the movie Braveheart. Mel Gibson's character, William Wallace, makes the statement as he is exhorting the armies of Scotland to stand and fight against England... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (7/22/16)

You're Invited! Ever receive one of those notes in the mail? It's exciting. It is great to be invited to something, whether it's a birthday party, graduation, or wedding.¬†You feel like you are special. You feel like you are wanted.... Continue Reading →

God’s Will: How to do it

I grew up in the Midwest--the great state of Ohio to be exact. If you have ever been to the Midwest or know someone from there, you know that mid-westerners have a few quirks and crazy traditions. One of the... Continue Reading →


FREEDOM!!! This word was probably made most famous by Mel Gibson in his line from the movie Braveheart. But in America, every 4th of July, it takes on great meaning. Here in the United States of America, we have become... Continue Reading →

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