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The Lesser Known Joesph (03/03/23)

Why? That was the only question on my mind. I cried with my friend. Grasped for any solace I might offer, but in those moments words seem inadequate.

That’s Just Your Interpretation (09/02/2022)

Seeing differing perspectives is the point of optical illusions. There are a number of ways you can view the pictures. However, too many people tend to view all of life the way we view optical illusions. This is especially true when it comes to understanding the Bible.

What If God Doesn’t Speak to me? (04/01/22)

Ever have that feeling? Blissfully rolling down the road confident in where you are going and that you are on the right path, only to be stopped in your tracks uncertain of what to do next, waiting on the next directive.

God Is Not Going to Slap the Cookie From Your Hand (03/04/22)

In my years of learning from, listening to, and leading others that sentiment shows up more than I'd expect in people's views of God. Things get busy, life seems to spin out of control, suffering enters in, and we are left thinking God is out to get us, ready to remind us of where we are missing it. At times we even expect Him to take it all and be done with it. This is where the nuance comes in...

Is God For Us? (08/06/21)

There have been other circumstances that have caused me to question, lean into, and wrestle with God's definition of good. It is a real question to which the answer has deeply impactful consequences. Life is full of unexpected difficulties, ones far greater than a broken down car or dishwasher. It is in those moments we often ask the questions, "Is God For Us?".

Yes. God Does Require Obedience For Salvation

It was one of those occasions where my son wanted to obey and I expected it. Why? Two reasons:

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