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The “Rot” of Evangelicalism Doesn’t Need Deconstruction. It Needs Church History. (Feature Friday 12/10/21)

The danger with rot is that before you realize there is an issue, the damage is already done. These truths are what makes "rot" a perfect illustration of what is happening widespread in evangelicalism. But the question is how to address the rot...

Mindset List (Feature Friday 02/21/20)

There was an unusual buzz in the hallway between first and second periods that morning. As I headed into my freshman English class I was struck by the oddity that my teacher had the TV on. Not only was it... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (10/4/13)

Can you trust your Bible? - Absolutely! "'Christianity is based upon an account of something that happened, and the Christian worker is primarily a witness.' Scripture tell us this account, revealing Christianity's climax—its central, historical, and verifiable event: God's gracious... Continue Reading →

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