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A Sin By Any Other Name (11/04/22)

Shortly into the meal, one of my teammates got up announced he was going to get some more soda, and asked if anyone else wanted anything. It struck me like a foreign language..."soda"? What is that? When my buddy returned I asked him what "soda" was. He (and most of the others at the table) stared at me like I was an idiot. That is when I realized, what most people call "soda" I refer to as "pop".

The Means of Grace (08/12/22)

The dry, arid space that was now his mouth, longed for a refreshing, life-giving, thirst-satisfying drink. What it really needed was water. What he really wanted was a juice box. This is where the problem resided.

Progressive Christians (08/05/22)

But whenever you or they bring up a certain topic, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Your palms begin to get sweaty and you feel your heart rate rise ever so slightly. This all strikes you as strange since you genuinely enjoy this person's company and truly love them. So why do these areas of conversation cause a physiological response?

Good Friday? (04/15/22)

I doubt the disciples saw Friday as good. That would have been the last word they would have used to describe what they were experiencing.

Is There A Pattern to the Bible’s Miracles? (10/08/21)

Our church is currently going through a series entitled "Jesus". Yes, we are very original and creative in our series titling...! As we've walked through this series I've been reminded and amazed at who Jesus is and what He does - including the miracles...but I've also realized miracles seem to be just that miraculous rather than normal.

How’s Your Church Brand? (08/13/21)

Churches are seeking to be known for something. They desire to be known as recognizable with certain characteristics, certain truths. Whether it be correct teaching, compassionate living, aiding others, educating, or any number of other things. The truth is churches are seeking to have, make, build, or develop a brand also.

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