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Joe Rogan’s Example for Believers (07/16/21)

While not all content is appropriate for all listeners, actually much of it may be seen as offensive, the reality of Rogan's demeanor is worth noting, especially for believers

Memorial Day Weekend (05/30/21)

Remember. It's what this weekend is all about. Remembering people like my grandpa and uncles who gave their time, energy and risked their lives to establish and preserve some of the freedoms we enjoy today. But Memorial Day points us to a greater reality to remember.

Why You Can Trust the Bible (05/07/21)

Needless to say I had to address the issue. But I wasn't sure how. So I asked the expert (no not youtube), my brother in law. I wasn't sure if caulking was a good choice, or if clear was the right way to go, but I trusted his advice. Why? Simple - I trusted him.

Empty = Extraordinary

Empty can mean many things, but it is also something extraordinary.

What Did Jesus Teach About Politics?

The door creaked as I opened it and headed into the room. Before I could see anything, I could hear screams, laughter, and shouting. A ball went whizzing past my head. Music was pumping through the sound system. Over 30 middle school and high school students were enjoying life and relationships. It was my typical Wednesday evening for over 6 years.

The Church Is You So the Church Will Be like You

While the culture around us certainly cast judgment and condemnation every which way, the challenge to my heart during this time is for the church. Those who are followers of Jesus Christ.

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