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Sharing the Essential Elements of Jesus’ Gospel (Feature Friday 12/06/19)

What is an elemental substance of life? One could argue oxygen or hydrogen or a number of other elements. While all of the other options may have a degree of truth at it's the most foundational level we know life... Continue Reading →

Discipleship: How Jesus Made Disciples

Matthew 28:19 says, “Go therefore and make disciples”. This was Jesus’ final command to his disciples as He left this earth to return to the Father in heaven—five simple words that form one small statement. But this final command of... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (10/3/14)

Sorry for not having posted a Feature Friday for quite some time. Without further apology or excuse making here is one to enjoy! I am still working greatly on all of these, but #6 and #7 I am constantly working... Continue Reading →

Death of a Saint

In the midst of what has been a hectic weekend I missed my regular Monday post. I do not intend this short post to be an apology for that but rather an explanation and encouragement to those who have gone,... Continue Reading →

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