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Feature Friday (2/20/15)

As a father of two now I am constantly asking myself, "instead of provoking our children to wrath and discouragement how do we bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord?” This article gives 4 suggestions on how to... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (1/17/14)

"Healthy churches are messy!" What? There is alot of truth in that statement. The article goes into more detail as to why. Whether you agree or not, the truth is all churches are messy, but what kind of messy should... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (12/13/13)

Crazy Busy! Are those words among the first to cross your mind when someone asks, "How are you?" Especially at this time of year we all seem a little "crazy busy". If that sounds like you, the book "Crazy Busy"... Continue Reading →

The Church: What are its Ordinances?

Fall is upon us, which means school is right around the corner and with the school year starting sports teams are gearing up and getting ready as well. I remember this time of year when I was in high school.... Continue Reading →

The Church: What is it?

Ever play those word association games? The kind where someone says a word and you have to blurt out the first thing that comes to your mind? I like to play these games often to see what people really think... Continue Reading →

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