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Feature Friday (10/3/14)

imageSorry for not having posted a Feature Friday for quite some time. Without further apology or excuse making here is one to enjoy!

I am still working greatly on all of these, but #6 and #7 I am constantly working through.

7 Tips for a Happy Christian Marriage!

Feature Friday (4/25/14)

imageWell, its been a busy week for me. So I apologize for not getting a post out Monday. However, in the midst of a busy week I realized there is one person who takes the brunt of it…my wife. She sees less of me, we communicate less, and therefore the times she does see me typically is not the greatest. Yet one thing that my wife is great at is what this article speaks about. Enjoy the article and heed its advice. You may just save or at least improve your marriage/relationship.

As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

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