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3 Signs You’re A Lawnmower Parent (06/24/22)

Tools are meant to make certain tasks easier. Whether it is a hammer for driving in a nail or tweezers for getting out a splinter, tools are designed to make us more effective. Tools make tasks easier, but used incorrectly they can cause a lot of damage.

Don’t Let the Culture Train Up Your Children (05/27/22)

Have you ever trained for something? A test. A competition. A job. A race. I remember training for a half marathon a few years back. I was excited because my wife actually wanted to run the race also.

5 Ways Your Son Needs Tough Love (04/22/22)

"Son!" My dad's voice rang out from across the yard. I knew he was calling for me to come. As I trotted toward where he was a few thoughts ran through my mind. The first was, "oh no, what did I do?". The second was, "will I get in trouble?". Finally, I thought maybe he needs help with something. As I rounded the corner of the house I immediately knew what he wanted.

4 Ways to React When Child Behavior Goes Bad (03/25/22)

"Unexpected"! That was my wife's response when I asked her how the day had gone. And what was the cause of the unexpected, unaccomplished, interrupt riddled, stress-filled day?

4 Strategies for Combatting Decision Fatigue (03/18/22)

Research has estimated the average person makes more than 35,000 decisions every day. I'm pretty sure my wife makes way more than that, seeing that she is asked between 300-1000 questions each day. No wonder she never knows where she wants to go for dinner when we go on our dates. Maybe you can relate.

Children, School, & Church (02/25/22)

Having had differing educational experiences, my wife and I had many conversations over the years concerning the educational journey of our kids. But in making these decisions we recognize there is another major influence we want in our kids' lives.

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