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Parents, Waste Time with Your Kids

While I regularly think about investing in terms of finances, the same is true of time. Where I invest my time today could pay dividends years down the road. This is especially true when it comes to...

How to Raise Distraction Free Kids

I am not trying to say technology and diets play no part in the distracted reality of our current culture. What I am saying is: I think we need to question the root causes and needs of which distraction is a symptom.

How to Dial Up a Child’s Wisdom

Trying to ask a 2 year old where he put something and expecting a sufficient answer, is like asking Alexa to play a song that happens to share a title with 40 other songs.

Parents, Your Kids Need Big Theology

There have been many proud moments I've enjoyed as a dad. But there are other moments that remind me of what's really important.

Why I’m Telling My Sons to Be Like Bears Kicker Cody Parkey

There are few things harder in life than seeing your child in pain, especially when that pain is from disappointment and loss. But it was a great teaching opportunity...

Catch Them Doing It Right (Feature Friday 07/24/20)

"Say 'no' when you must, but 'yes' when you can". This is a statement I have found myself thinking numerous times the last few months. Usually, the thought comes to mind after I have said no, either repeatedly or harshly...

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