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Feature Friday (06/14/19)

My palms are sweaty, my heart is racing as I check my mic one more time to ensure I know exactly where the mute button is. I’ve stepped in front of crowds multiple times before but I am still nervous. While communicating is a gift I have been given it’s also a skill I will always be developing. But that’s not the reason I’m nervous. The mild anxiety is because I’m not just communicating on any old topic; I’m about to preach the word of God!

Preaching is arguably the most demanding form of communication. It’s a time when the divine speaks to the human. It’s taking eternal truths and presenting them at moments in time. And all of this communication happens to a group of people with varying expectations, desires, life circumstances, and experiences.

Preaching is hard, no question! But one of the reasons it can be more difficult is all the “Myths Needing to Be Busted” surrounding sermons. Carey Nieuwhof’s article attacks 6 of these myths.

Whether you enjoy, despise, or endure preaching once a week or once a year this is a great article to challenge our thinking about preaching.

Enjoy and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

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Feature Friday (02/08/19)

Chocolate or Vanilla? Left-handed or right-handed? Get up early or stay out late? So many situations in life seem like either-or. There are constant battles of values and priorities at play. Yet too often I believe we pit things against each other that may never be meant to be at odds.

As a young athlete in high school, the tension was always which sport are you going to excel at? Which game will you prepare for more? As one who truly enjoyed every sport I played, those types of questions always seemed like a conundrum to me. Why must I choose training for football over running track? I enjoyed both and thus trained, practice, and performed at both. And in my experience, pursuing one made me better at the other. It was not an either-or situation, but a both-and one. The same can be said for many situations in church.

One situation that is often portrayed as an either-or situation is evangelism or discipleship. Often it comes across in preaching: do we preach to the unchurched to reach more people for Jesus or do we preach with the believer in mind to equip the saints? Instead of setting up an either-or situation, I believe it is a both-and situation.

Dave Jensen writes a great article challenging pastors, church leaders, and churches in general to do both-and. His article “Keep Christians in the room: Church attendance at evangelistic courses” is a great argument for a both-and approach rather than an either-or approach.

As always I hope the article encourages and challenges you. Don’t neglect to be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day this weekend.

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Feature Friday (02/01/19)

Obstacles. Things to overcome. Difficult subjects to deal with. Questions that seem to have no solution. All of these are realities of life. In school, there is always the bully or drama or unsolicited ridicule. In marriage, there is always another argument that could be brewing or disagreement on how to fold the laundry. In parenting, there are the sleepless nights, emotional heartaches, and worry sessions.

Life is full of difficult situations and obstacles. This is also true of any worldview or belief system one may hold to. As a Christian, two of the most common obstacles I interact with people concerning the Christian faith are 1) suffering and evil and 2) the doctrine of hell. While there has been plenty written on both, I want to point to an article on the second.

The obstacle typically sounds something like this, “I know some fine people who are Muslim, Jewish or agnostic. I cannot believe they are going to hell just because they don’t believe in Jesus. In fact, I cannot reconcile the very idea of hell with a loving God” How does one reconcile two seemingly opposing ideas: a loving God and an eternal punishment called hell?

Tim Keller steps in to help us work through this obstacle to understanding and hopefully believing the Christian faith, most importantly the Savior Jesus Christ. Dr. Keller addresses this issue in his article “Preaching Hell in a Tolerant Age“. Two points he makes in the article are worth noting, “hell is less exclusive than so-called tolerance and there is no love without wrath”.

Enjoy the article, be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day and I would love to hear from you in the comments.

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Feature Friday (1/13/17)

He preached thousands of sermons in his lifetime. Wrote numerous volumes concerning Scripture. And regularly spoke to thousands without the aid of a microphone. All of this and more earned him the nickname “The Prince of Preachers”. Charles Spurgeon is regarded as one of the most infamous pastors and preachers of all time. So what preacher, teacher, or pastor would not listen to his advice?

In light of his experience, expertise, and evidential success whenever I “hear” Charles Spurgeon I listen well.  Which is why when Brandon Hilgemann  over at ProPreacher put together this list of “12 Preaching Tips from Charles Spurgeon” I soaked it up. Check out the article and notice how Hilgemann even creatively included wallpapers for each tip.

Enjoy and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

Feature Friday (10/23/15)

Dealing-with-Workplace-Gossip6It is essential for children. It is essential for teenagers. It is essential for married couples. It is essential for all human interactions. What is it? Communication! And if you ask my wife I am not always great at it. However, I am trying to get better. As a pastor whose primary job is a form of communication I am always trying to improve my clarity. If you are like me, Andy Naselli’s Top 10 Tips for Being Clearer can be a very helpful resource and reminder.

Enjoy and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

Feature Friday (9/25/15)

seeing-santa‘Twas the night before Sunday and all through the house, not a child is crying, it’s as quiet as a mouse. Finally, you sit down for a moment of rest, and you wonder how you did on the latest test. But it is at this point in time something comes to mind, tomorrow is Sunday and you want to be kind. The preacher has been going one verse at a time, yet you have been in a struggle to hear it as sublime. So what do you do this Saturday night, to be ready tomorrow to hear of God’s might? Click on the link and read through the post, when you get to church tomorrow, you will not have to coast.

As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

Feature Friday (8/23/13)

likeSermons are not for Liking – Ever get asked that question at the end of your Sunday morning service, “How did you like the sermon?” “At the end of it all, “How did you enjoy the sermon?” is simply the wrong question to ask. Far better is, “What did you learn from the sermon?”

As always, be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day (and ask someone what they learned from the sermon)!

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