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How To Get Better Sermons (04/30/22)

You panic! Should you be overly complimentary or slightly critical? In a millisecond you are trying to size up the questioner as a friend or foe, rouse up some generic middle-of-the-road comment that could be interpreted positively or negatively...

Feature Friday (06/14/19)

My palms are sweaty, my heart is racing as I check my mic one more time to ensure I know exactly where the mute button is. I've stepped in front of crowds multiple times before but I am still nervous.... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (02/08/19)

Chocolate or Vanilla? Left-handed or right-handed? Get up early or stay out late? So many situations in life seem like either-or. There are constant battles of values and priorities at play. Yet too often I believe we pit things against... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (02/01/19)

Obstacles. Things to overcome. Difficult subjects to deal with. Questions that seem to have no solution. All of these are realities of life. In school, there is always the bully or drama or unsolicited ridicule. In marriage, there is always... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (1/13/17)

He preached thousands of sermons in his lifetime. Wrote numerous volumes concerning Scripture. And regularly spoke to thousands without the aid of a microphone. All of this and more earned him the nickname "The Prince of Preachers". Charles Spurgeon is... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (10/23/15)

It is essential for children. It is essential for teenagers. It is essential for married couples. It is essential for all human interactions. What is it? Communication! And if you ask my wife I am not always great at it.... Continue Reading →

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