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How Should We Disagree with Others? (02/17/23)

We've all been there before. Disagreement rears its' head and your emotional thermostat begins to rise. Your internal temperature begins to increase. It feels as if your face is getting more red by the minute and your heart is beating at an accelerated rate.

False Gospel: “Cut Off Toxic People”

Toxic people are those who don't support your dream. They are the one's who keep you from growing and going where you hoped. What are we to do with such people?

How to Keep a Discussion from Becoming a Debate (Feature Friday 10/18/19)

It is so routine we are subtly used to it. It surrounds us every day in every way. Turn on any news channel at any time and you are sure to find it. Even ESPN is filled with it these... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (01/11/19)

Relationships are built on communication. It's a back and forth kind of thing. You speak, the other person listens. The other person speaks, you listen. It's give and take. Hear and be heard. Know and be known. Communication is vital... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (3/6/15)

Relationships! They are a part of every areas of life - family, work, school, entertainment, even social media. But how can one guard or even repair relationships from breaking? This article has 7 good tips to that end. Enjoy and... Continue Reading →

Getting Outside of Me

More Important than Getting Things Done Donny. Just another name, another face, another person in the endless sea of faces (as the band Kutless once put it in a song title) someone may interact with everyday. However, Donny taught Tony... Continue Reading →

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