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Don’t Let the Culture Train Up Your Children (05/27/22)

Have you ever trained for something? A test. A competition. A job. A race. I remember training for a half marathon a few years back. I was excited because my wife actually wanted to run the race also.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Rest (01/28/22)

In a world that is consumed by a disease of productivity and activity, rest can be an antidote for the soul.

Discipleship @ Home (04/23/21)

The primary reason my training in track was astounding, was because of my coach. Training was his thing. He wanted us not just to run faster and better - his goal was for us to know how and why we could run faster. The same must be true in our parenting...

Feature Friday (3/17/17)

62 seconds. That is how long it took me to run my first ever 400 meter sprint as a sophomore in high school. For those of you who don't know, that is not something to be proud of when competing... Continue Reading →

Jonah: Resistance is Futile

Prejudice and Grace. When the former comes to mind, what do you think of? Maybe racism, the Civil War, city gangs, or other such cultural problems. On a larger scale, people like Hitler, murderers, and supremacists come to mind. But... Continue Reading →

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