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Feature Friday (5/12/17)

Our youth ministry just hosted a "You Asked for It" night at youth group last night. Over the course of the past month we had students submit questions they would like answered from a biblical perspective. There were multiple great... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (4/28/17)

Culture. It is this weird sometimes nebulous, sometimes very precise reality. There can be cultures within culture and there can even be times when culture seems universal. It's funny how we talk about culture. When we are in elementary school... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (2/27/15)

As a youth pastor, I am constantly evaluating how our student ministry is maturing students into lifelong ministers of Jesus Christ. However, this article asks, answers and gives some great diagnostic questions to a slightly different question. "Does this youth... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (6/13/14)

Yesterday started a new short term adventure for myself, my wife, and six students from our church student ministry. As with most student ministries, missions trips are an integral part to exposing American students to other lifestyles and culture. These... Continue Reading →

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