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Why Doing Theology Right Matters (Feature Friday 04/03/2020)

Guidance. I need it quite often in my life. Whether it was how to properly tie my shoe when I was 6 or how to hold a newborn baby - which I am enjoying once again. There are many things we need guidance on in life, but none more important than...

Feature Friday (8/21/15)

A new school year has begun. With teaching responsibilities that means I am getting back into that school year routine. It means I have a new batch of students to teach this year. It means a new textbook. It means... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (1/30/15)

I am currently teaching a series entitled The Book. As you may guess this is a series all about God's Word, the Bible. In the class, we are looking at what the book contains, how we got it, can we... Continue Reading →

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