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This is Church

I wish I could say this was a stand-alone instance, but the reality is I have had numerous conversations where I walked away bewildered at what people believed "church" to be.

Parents, Your Kids Need Big Theology

There have been many proud moments I've enjoyed as a dad. But there are other moments that remind me of what's really important.

Why Doing Theology Right Matters (Feature Friday 04/03/2020)

Guidance. I need it quite often in my life. Whether it was how to properly tie my shoe when I was 6 or how to hold a newborn baby - which I am enjoying once again. There are many things we need guidance on in life, but none more important than...

Common Misconceptions (Feature Friday 02/07/20)

We have all heard them and probably still believe a few of them without knowing it. "Don't go swimming for 30 minutes after you eat". "Gum takes years to digest if you swallow it". "Touching toads will give you warts".... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (06/7/19)

There were needing men everywhere. Every bed was full. Directives were being hollered repeatedly and loudly. "Bandage." "More medicine." "I need help." The needs were great. The need for discernment was greater. This was a routine scene for the life... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (05/03/19)

"Buddy watch out for..." No sooner had the words come out of my mouth then did I immediately have to change the ending of the sentence from one warning to another. Word to the wise, when watching your children learn... Continue Reading →

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