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Discernment Without and Within (06/04/21)

And while we recognize the importance of each of these skills to developing our kids into fully functioning mature adults, there are other areas we want our kids to grow in. One of these major areas is discernment.

How to Read the Internet

Did you know the earth is hollow? Or at least some believe it to be so. What do you think? Is our planet's core hollow? Or maybe it's just that the earth is flat. Ok maybe those are far fetched,... Continue Reading →

Personal Testimonies (Feature Friday 07/10/20)

It is a battle that philosophers, politicians, pastors, and pop culture icons have debated down through the years. Is an objective reality more important or is my lived experience what matters most?

Feature Friday (08/03/18)

Questions. They fill our conversations. They take up lots of space in books and articles and letters. And they make up so much of our education and learning. Without questions, a dialogue would quickly become a monologue. Without questions, an... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (2/3/17)

I'm sorry. These two little words, when withheld, have the power to change mediocre to awful. These two little words, when spoken, have the power to redeem a horrible situation. Yet it is these two little words that seem so... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (10/16/15)

Ask most people that know me and they will tell you I can be sarcastic at times. Ask my wife and she will tell you that sarcasm is one of my love languages. Ask others who do not know me... Continue Reading →

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