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Feature Friday (07/20/18)

Cool! I remember hearing and using that word numerous times as a middle school guy. My parents were often using it. My friends were using it more. And even I was using it from time to time. The term came... Continue Reading →

Discipleship: The External Characteristics of a Disciple

Matthew 28:19 says, “Go therefore and make disciples”. This was Jesus’ final command to his disciples as He left this earth to return to the Father in heaven—five simple words that form one small statement. But this final command of... Continue Reading →

The Church: How it Interacts

"You've got a friend in've got a friend in me"! Upon hearing this song, anyone familiar with Disney will immediately think of the light-hearted cowboy character Woody, and his more intense companion Buzz from Toy Story. However, what makes... Continue Reading →

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