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Feature Friday (4/15/16)

Driving in my car. Getting my shower. Around the house. Randomly in my office at work. And occasionally in public. What do all of these have in common? It is where I and most likely you can be found singing... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (2/12/16)

Last week I shared a link for a 5 day email course on family worship. Whether you signed up for that course or not I want to share something with you. I want to give you a resource to take... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (2/5/16)

School, work, sports, meals, church activities, and all the errands of everyday life make anytime together as a family a struggle at best, and seemingly impossible at worst. So even the thought of having time everyday as a family in... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (11/20/15)

Everyone does it. The Hindu man living in the Middle East. The Orthodox college student situated in Russia. The Christian mom who stays at home. Even the devout atheist philosopher. Everyone does it. What is it? Worship! Every person alive... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (11/6/15)

I love my church. I love the interaction that goes on. I love the joking that goes on. I love the teaching. I love the people. And yes, I love the music. But no it is not because the music... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (9/4/15)

This Sunday something changes at our church. It is a slight change, but an ever so important one. What is it? Children will join their parents for part of our worship service. While it is a minute change, I (and... Continue Reading →

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