“I love fishing. Fish after fish falls for the same lure and none of them learn from each others mistakes. The fish can pull as hard as it can, sometimes the fish can get away on its own but what it usually needs is for someone to come and cut the line or even better, to carefully take the hook out of their mouth. It seems as if humans are the same. Human after human falls for the worlds lies, and despite the obvious fact that harm is on the way, we love the empty temporary pleasure that sin brings.” And it typically takes someone else coming alongside them to help them get “off the hook”.

Enjoy this post on 4 Requirement for Biblical Confrontation. It is much needed in our world. Not only for those who need to be confronted, but even more so for those who do the confronting. Admit it, very few people like to be confronted and even fewer like to confront, but it is necessary. I hope this encourages and equips you to do it a bit better.

As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!