If your home and family is anything like mine in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas then busy does not begin to describe the reality. But this past week something hit me…the one with the most difficult job and schedule during the holiday season really is my wife. A homemaker, mother of 3 under 4, minister to women, and baker extraordinaire. With all those roles and responsibilities she could use a good cheerleader from time to time. Two lessons I learned from this reality I want to share below with an word of caution also.

First, I need to be my wife’s greatest cheerleader and encourager. When I get home from work, in the morning and anytime I can in between. Second, my wife has a greater encourager than even me…Jesus. But now the caution: Sisters, Jesus is not your Cheerleader. It is a great reminder with much deeper needed truths to encourage and uplift especially women at this time of year.

Enjoy and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!