“All through the house not a creature is stirring…not even a mouse…” But soon this silence is broken by the sound of little feet pitter pattering down the stairs. The shouts of glee fill the air and soon the sound of wrapping paper ripping will take over. After presents are open and breakfast consumed, the enjoyment of time with family will ensue. Clean up may happen just before noon, and lunch will be served with smiles in full bloom.

This may be the picture you have in your head of Christmas morning less than 3 weeks away, but this year should include at least one more activity on Christmas morn. As Kevin DeYoung shares over at the Gospel Coalition blog: Don’t Cancel Church on Christmas. And if you are not a church attender yet, what better time to start? Check out the Gospel Coalition’s church directory page or 9Marks Church search function on their respective webpages.

Either way enjoy the Lord’s day and birth with the Lord’s family Christmas day and this weekend.