Conflict. Debate. Battle. Disagreement. War. All of these words bring to mind the idea of struggle. While none of us like the struggle, conflict, and battle, it is part of our world and existence. The truth is, while we say we don’t like conflict, inwardly we are all wired for it and at times enjoy it. Think of the last movie you saw, TV show you watched or sports game you were entertained by; every one of those forms of entertainment thrives and exists because of conflict. One team versus another. The good guy versus the bad guy. The hero versus the villain. Just like every good story, life is a constant struggle.

The Christian life is no different. We are in a constant battle, a daily conflict. Two weeks ago I posted about “8 Characteristics of Believers who Don’t Give up in the Battle“. But a question remains, who is the enemy? What is it exactly the Christian is fighting against? With whom is the follower of Jesus’ battle counteracting? In other words, what is “The Great Enemy” of the Christian life.

Check out the article and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!