Fake News. He said, she said. #MeToo. Supreme Court nominations. And so many more controversial topics surround us every day. Tap on your news feed app, open up your web browser, or turn on your TV and we are constantly bombarded with controversial subjects and arguments from opposing sides. But what often takes the heated debates to a whole new level…social media.

It’s called “social” media for a reason, but recently it seems as though it is becoming social “fight club”. All too often I have logged in to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram only to be barraged with a litany of arguments for or against an issue. While people posting their thoughts, beliefs, and responses to issues of our day does not bother me that much (what kind of American would I be if I was not for freedom of speech), what bothers me most is the incivility of those who claim to be followers of Christ toward other humans made in the image of God and even more so fellow believers in Christ.

During this internal frustration, I ran across an amazing article that dealt specifically with these issues. Kelly Minter wrote an extremely helpful article entitled, “How Christians Pursue Unity on Social Media“. I found it to be convicting, challenging, and a much-needed charge for the church currently. I hope you will too.

Enjoy the article and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!