Fresh year, fresh goals, and a fresh perspective. Just a few reasons this time of year can be so invigorating and encouraging. It seems like every new year we reflect on the past year and look forward to how this coming year might look different. It is a good practice and much needed in my life. Which is why one area I annually address a personal goal in is physical health.

Now, I would not count myself as an “unhealthy” guy, but I know that I am much room to improve in the area of health. Three chocolate peanut butter brownies as an evening snack are not the most “healthy” choice. Honestly, what I put into my body and how I eat is one area I know I need to work on in 2020. Truth is: a bad diet undercuts good health. What is true physically is true spiritually. What is true as an individual is true of a church as well.

Just like a bad physical diet can keep me from being healthy and stunt my growth, “bad biblical theology will undercut a congregation’s health—warping the message of Scripture and stunting a church’s growth in the knowledge of God“. But that is not all bad biblical theology does.

Sam Emadi shares 4 ways “Bad Biblical Theology Leads to Bad Sermons“. When I don’t eat well, I may not see the effects immediately, but over the long haul, my body will show how my diet has been. The same is true of the church and her steady diet of sermons.

Enjoy the article and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash