My wife loves to cook. It doesn’t matter what really. She loves being in the kitchen creating a hunger-satiating dish. Sometimes it’s savory and other times it’s sweet. I tend to like the sweets a bit more. While she is fantastic at preparing well balanced meals that cover the entire food pyramid, I don’t always partake wisely from each level of that pyramid. And that is part of the problem.

A healthy body is dependent on a well-balanced diet, partaking portions from each level at an appropriate amount. It’s about eating the right amounts of food from the right parts of the pyramid. When I eat too much from the top of the food pyramid, it’s not healthy. When I starve my body of the foundational elements, it can be damaging. If this is true of our bodily diets, cannot we not apply the same framework to our intake of knowledge and information?

“We need to think about what sorts of “knowledge groups,” and in what proportion, feed a healthy life of true wisdom and true joy.”

Brett McCracken

A Wisdom Pyramid. It is not something I would have suggested or even thought about developing, but I am glad Brett McCracken did. In his article, “The Wisdom Pyramid“, McCracken lays out the framework of his thinking. I find it really helpful and insightful. So often, I find myself “consuming” too much of some higher level “knowledge groups” and I need to return to the “foundational groups”. The categories Brett lays out are helpful in processing and evaluating what we are allowing to inform us and how we may need to make a shift in our “eating” habits.

I always look forward to hearing from my readers. Leave me a comment below. What do you appreciate about McCracken’s pyramid? How have you seen your “consumption”, well, less than balanced? As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s will. And if you’re interested in some further reading on the Wisdom Pyramid, you can check out Brett’s book here.

Photo by Alex Munsell on Unsplash