We were heading over to visit some friends. It wasn’t a long trip. These friends live in the same county that we do, but we had not yet been to their new home. It was in a newer development, you know the kind where all the homes look the same and the streets run parallel with each other. As we got closer the kids’ excitement grew. I heard comments about games of tag, hide and go seek, and ice cream. The last one sounded good to me. I pulled into their development and announced, “we’re almost there”. One more turn and we should be at their house. Little did I know the street I chose to turn down was not a thruway. What I thought would lead me to my destination actually ended in a dead end.

Ever have that experience? The very road you expect to take you somewhere ends up leading to nowhere. You feel confused, frustrated, or even worse hopeless. If what you are thinking of is simply driving a vehicle, then it’s not that bad. However, if you are talking about bigger things in life the stakes are higher. Imagine if you believed a certain position would be the pathway to your dream career, but it only ends up with 18 months of frustration and unemployment. Think about how you might feel if you were expecting a white picket fence, 2 kids, and financial stability, but 10 years into marriage you can’t make ends meet financially, there are no kids on the way, and the cockroach you killed last night is a far cry from “white-picket” category. Dead ends are frustrating, but what if one of the greatest avenues we are all traveling is a dead end?

“While the way to wisdom leads through knowledge, there is no path to wisdom from information.”

Ayad Akhtar

An avenue that Chris Martin explores is the information superhighway. The high traffic, fast-moving world of information communication. He guides us down this superhighway asking the question of where it leads. Too often, I think we believe more information will lead us to what is known as wisdom. However, Chris does a good job of exploring why “The Information Superhighway is a Dead End“. I know I have caught myself thinking if I learned more information I would eventually be wise, but maybe that is the lie of the information superhighway.

What do you think? While the amount and speed at which we can get information is not a bad thing, have we placed too much stock in just learning information? How would you describe the difference between information and knowledge? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the article and this subject. As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

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Photo by Gabriel Soto on Unsplash