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Feature Friday (10/20/17)

Part of leadership is improvement. Every leader must constantly be looking for ways to improve, grow, and excel to the next level. Whether you are a coach, CEO, father, or just leading yourself. Truth is all leadership involvesĀ development. Truth is... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (07/07/17)

Summer is here, which means slower pace of life, vacation, and hopefully some needed R&R for many of us. While summer may not slow down at work or home, the reality is with vacations and summer break from school, it... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (06/30/17)

Children. Leadership. I love talking about both. I enjoy having children and a place to be in leadership. Children are a blessing and yet hard work. Leadership is a blessing and yet hard work. Both of these topics have so... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (3/19/16)

As a learner I am always looking for tips and encouragement. However, as a leader I am always looking for the same things, but in concise, short time-efficient ways. Ron Edmondson has accomplished both in this week's Feature Friday. He... Continue Reading →

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