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Feature Friday (11/22/13)

This Sunday at our church we will have an installation service for our new pastor. It is at a time like this in the life of a church where I am reminded that each part (member) of the body is... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (11/8/13)

"If you’re listening to Christian radio in search of new congregational music, we think you should look elsewhere. Here are three reasons why:" Stop listening for new worship songs on the radio! As always, be with the Lord's people on the... Continue Reading →

Special Feature Monday (10/14/13)

In light of what was a very busy weekend and a busy start to the week enjoy this "guest" post. This question and the practicality of it seems to be more of an issue everyday given the capabilities the internet... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (8/23/13)

Sermons are not for Liking - Ever get asked that question at the end of your Sunday morning service, "How did you like the sermon?" "At the end of it all, “How did you enjoy the sermon?” is simply the... Continue Reading →

The Church: What is It? Recap

When we started this series on the church, we asked the question, "What is church?". Over the past six weeks we have not only answered that question, but developed the idea of the church much more. We have answered questions... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (8/16/13)

"The Church hurt me!" - I have heard this phrase myself and talked to other pastors who inform me it is a common "reasons" (read excuse) for leaving a church. This article gives reasons why it may not be quite... Continue Reading →

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