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Feature Friday (06/21/19)

We've all been there. We had a meeting, lunch, or other get together to prepare for and failed to do so. It's now fifteen minutes before...

Feature Friday (12/28/18)

As I sit in a recliner at the house I grew up in I can't help but reflect on years past. I recall riding around this town on my bicycle exploring every nook and cranny this place had to offer.... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (9/16/16)

Years ago I learned a simple method for studying the Bible. Almost immediately I began to implement this method for my own personal time in God's Word. It would be only a short year or two after first hearing about... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (6/24/16)

"Read your Bible, pray everyday and you'll...grow...grow...grow..." If you grew up in the church or around a Christian influence you are probably familiar with this song. It seems oversimplified. And to one degree it is. The Christian life is not... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday on Saturday (11/15/14)

The seasons have changed here in eastern Virginia. Last week I woke up to 50 degree weather, this week the temperature has been closer to the 30's. With a change of temperature also comes a change of actions on my... Continue Reading →

Christian Education: Definition and Goals

Education: there are so many forms of it today--public, home school, Christian, private, adult, special, informal, primary, secondary, higher learning, and the list goes on. With so many choices, how do you know the best option for yourself, your children,... Continue Reading →

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