We’ve all been there. We had a meeting, lunch, or other get together to prepare for and failed to do so. It’s now fifteen minutes before the other person shows up or we have to leave to get to the meeting. What do we do? Bluff and act like we have it all together? Just pull up some quick notes and wing it? Or is there another option? Having tried most routes I have found a better option…be prepared!

Now I can’t help you in every situation but one that Richard Sweatman gives some aid in is “How to Use a Pre-Written Bible Study“. If you’ve ever lead a small group, Sunday school or just a one on one bible study you know the easy pitfall to find yourself in when using a pre-written study. You show up hoping it’s a simple read, repeat out loud, and the group takes off.

That is rarely the case, so what can we do? Richard’s article gives some helpful hints and things to avoid.

As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!