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Feature Friday (5/26/17)

So much power. So much control. So much influence. What has all three of these things? What can control how people act? What can influence how people respond? What seems to have an uncanny power over relationships?

Words! They are powerful. They are influential. They can be used for positive or negative. The reality is words are both life giving and infused with pain. The way we communicate with each other is not just about what to communicate, but how to communicate it. And communication more often than not involves words. When it comes to family interaction: words are vitally important.

This is why today’s article “Switch One Word and Change Your Family Dynamics” is so crucial. I mean who wouldn’t want to change the dynamics of their family, even a little bit. And to be able to do it with just one word is amazing.

Check out today’s article and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

Feature Friday (6/3/16)

iPhone or Galaxy? Mac or Android? Which one are you? It is a battle that is often talked about, commercials are made about, and families have split over. Ok, that last one may be a bit extreme. But you get the point…we tend to have a preference and hold to our preference pretty strongly. Those who love iPhone’s seem to do so because of its user friendly interface and universal layout across other Mac devices. Those who prefer the Galaxy or Android devices appreciate the customization options they offer. Either way you look at it, we all love our smartphones.

Statics say there are more than 2 billion smartphones owned in the world. (1) And in the US over 65% of the population owns a smartphone. (2) But what effect do those smartphones have on us. Sure, they make it more convenient for everything from directions to family communications, but how are they changing us? Enjoy the video below and I hope you are challenged on the control and effects your smartphone may be having on you!

As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

Feature Friday on Saturday (11/15/14)

season-changeThe seasons have changed here in eastern Virginia. Last week I woke up to 50 degree weather, this week the temperature has been closer to the 30’s. With a change of temperature also comes a change of actions on my part. No longer am I wondering over to the gym at 6am without a coat on. But this change of actions reminds me of the intended result that comes as one interacts with the God of the universe through His word…change.

God intends each and every person to be changed by meeting Him and interacting with His word. However, it is these applicational areas of personal and corporate study that is neglected or at least viewed as too difficult. But this needs not be the case. How does the God of the universe wish to change us by interaction with us through His word? I think this article gives great direction to at least start at when it comes to application of God’s word and life change.

Two Directions for Application!

Enjoy! And as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

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