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How Is Your Phone Changing You?

Vacation is that time away from the routine. It is an opportunity rejuvenate personally and relationally as a family. But there is still one big enemy vying for our time on vacation...

Feature Friday (5/26/17)

So much power. So much control. So much influence. What has all three of these things? What can control how people act? What can influence how people respond? What seems to have an uncanny power over relationships? Words! They are... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (6/3/16)

iPhone or Galaxy? Mac or Android? Which one are you? It is a battle that is often talked about, commercials are made about, and families have split over. Ok, that last one may be a bit extreme. But you get... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday on Saturday (11/15/14)

The seasons have changed here in eastern Virginia. Last week I woke up to 50 degree weather, this week the temperature has been closer to the 30's. With a change of temperature also comes a change of actions on my... Continue Reading →

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