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Why I’m Telling My Sons to Be Like Bears Kicker Cody Parkey

There are few things harder in life than seeing your child in pain, especially when that pain is from disappointment and loss. But it was a great teaching opportunity...

3 Easy Ways to Know the Quality of Your Leadership (05/15/20)

How are you doing? It is a simple question. One that causes pause, reflection, and response. To stop and ponder how you are doing requires at least a subtle hint of assessment and evaluation. To truly understand how you are doing, means you have to know...

How to Lead Through Rapid Change (Feature Friday 03/20/20)

Leaders have had to not only manage themselves and their own families, they have had the unprecedented battle of leading others through this rapidly changing time. The question has and may very well continue to be...

Feature Friday (03/22/19)

Self-control. It's funny how a desire that comes so naturally (control) can be so difficult when paired with the adjective (self). Control is something we desire so much in life. We want to control our schedule. We desire to control... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (02/22/19)

Losing! No one likes to do it. No one plans to do it. And I have yet to meet someone who enjoys it. However, it was a large portion of my formative years. For 4 years of my sports career... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (3/27/14)

Parenting seems to be on my heart lately. But this week, while scrolling through Facebook I came across this quote, "Most parents are not concerned with whether or not their children are godly. They are only concerned that their children... Continue Reading →

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