It seems like this time last week my head was spinning. Terms like “social distancing”, “COVID-19”, and others were all but unheard of. Funny, how much can change in 7 short days. Ironic, how something so small (an airborne virus) can change so much. These are just some realities of our outer world, but there is also the realities of our inner world.

“Uncertainty, anxiety, hope, distress, rest, and worry are all emotions and realities of our world this past week.”

Not only has the way we are doing life right now changed in the last week (and I’m not sure we are done changing yet), my feelings and emotions have been on a roller coaster as well. Uncertainty, anxiety, hope, distress, rest, and worry are all emotions and realities I have felt in the past week. I have told a number of people “it was not until 24-36 hours ago that I was finally feeling like I wasn’t drowning in information and overwhelmed by my emotions again”. It’s been a crazy week for everyone, but especially for leaders.

Leaders have had to not only manage themselves and their own families, they have had the unprecedented battle of leading others through this rapidly changing time. The question has and may very well continue to be “How to Lead Through Rapid Unexpected Change“. Carey Nieuwhof’s article was spot on what I needed to read and allow to sink deep into my heart and life earlier this past week. As a leader, point #2 was absolutely freeing for me.

Enjoy the article. If you’re a leader in any capacity – this is a must read RIGHT NOW. Even thought it will certainly be different than it has been in the past, still be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day (albeit at a safe social distance…)