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Organizational Babies – A Modern-Day Parable for the Church (11/11/22)

Stories are fascinating. They draw us in. They enamor us. Stories compel us toward compassion and action. They often teach in a far more effective way than any didactic monologue ever could. The greatest teachers of history knew the power of story.

Why They’re Not Coming Back (10/14/22)

Gasoline was my accelerant of choice that day. And it didn't take much. A small cup of gas, another match, and the same pile of wood, and the fire was blazing in just a few moments. That day I learned a valuable lesson, accelerants simply increase the speed in the direction in which something was already heading.

Would Your Church Get an “F”? (03/11/22)

I'd love to say the above story was from my life, but it's not. I learned of this interaction from a volunteer leader at our church. It was an interaction he had had within the last month and would have known nothing about it had he not told me. But that was the exciting part for me...

Economics for Church Leaders (12/17/21)

Christmas is supposed to be about getting more than receiving. And anytime we discuss giving and getting we really are discussing economics. And an economic issue that has to deal with giving and receiving is

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