‘Tis the season…decorations are up. The tree is up and accessorized. The gifts are wrapped and under the tree. And if you drive by our house you’ll see a glow of white icicle lights cascading the front of our home. Christmas truly is a great time of year for many reasons. But it also can cause tensions and disagreement.

Families get together, which is a good thing, but there is also the potential for the dramatic blow up by that one cousin. Or the two uncles who can’t get along over a certain issue may use the holidays as the best opportunity to begin the war again. However, Christmas is supposed to be about getting more than receiving. And anytime we discuss giving and getting we really are discussing economics. And an economic issue that has to deal with giving and receiving is minimum wage laws.

“Most people who support or oppose minimum-wage laws or increases share a common objective: helping the working poor.”

Joe Carter

Minimum wage laws are an issue that could cause those uncles to fight this Christmas. But what are we to think of it? Are minimum wage laws good, bad, neutral? How should we think about them as Christians? While the issue is intricately political, that doesn’t mean it isn’t theological as well. Joe Carter submits 10 points to know about minimum wage laws in his article “Economics for Church Leaders: How Minimum-Wage Laws Affect the Poor“.

While I don’t think I will get into any arguments on minimum wage laws this Christmas, I appreciate the information and well-researched data Joe provides in this article. And in case I do find this as a topic of discussion this holiday season at least I can be informed and have thought through some foundational realities on how to think about it biblically. Which point did you appreciate most? Which one did you disagree with? I’d love to hear from you. As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

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Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash