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8 Ways to Lead in the New Digital Church

2020 has been a decision fatigue inducer. Since March of this year, every decision I have made has immediately created more issues needing solutions...

The Original 2020 is History

6 months. 185 days. 4,440 hours. This is how long we have been in the "new normal" also known as 2020 since COVID hit. Speaking honestly, this has lasted way longer than I ever expected...

5 Expectations of the Post-Pandemic Church

New normal? None of us knew what that would look like as the conversation started...

Catch Them Doing It Right (Feature Friday 07/24/20)

"Say 'no' when you must, but 'yes' when you can". This is a statement I have found myself thinking numerous times the last few months. Usually, the thought comes to mind after I have said no, either repeatedly or harshly...

You Have More Time Than You Think (Feature Friday 07/03/20)

what if I told you it would only take 12 minutes of your day to complete a major accomplishment every year? Believe me? Well, it's true. What is that accomplishment you could obtain every year in just 12 minutes a day?

About that Horoscope App (Feature Friday 05/01/20)

A desire for hope is engrained into us as human beings, but looking for hope in the wrong place can lead us into a more hopeless situation.

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